Meet the “CHAIR-ity” Auction Artist: Victoria Gilpin

Victoria Gilpin

Victoria is a local artist, author and illustrator who creates in several mediums and art forms such as painting, clay work and mosaics. She holds a Bachelors of Fine Arts and a Bachelor of Education.

Her recent works show a progression in the blend of mosaic, painting, clay and found objects to create unique mixed media art pieces.

See examples of Victoria’s work on her website:

For the “CHAIR-ity” Auction Victoria has transformed her chair into a colourful mosaic art piece titled “the Mermaid Chair”. Composed of mosaic, poetry, textile, painting, found objects, this piece will have you exploring its details with wonder and delight. You can view The Mermaid Chair now until May 6th in the front window of the Sleepless Monkey Cafe, 170 King Street West, downtown Brockville.

ACOTTI’s “CHAIR-ity” Auction is May 18th at the Marianne van Silfhout Gallery, St Lawrence College, Brockville. Space is limited; get your tickets while they last – available at:

SAVVY Shoes, 73 King Street West, Brockville
The Sleepless Monkey Cafe, 170 King Street West, Brockville
or by phone: 613-704-4410