Meet CHAIR-ity 2018 Artist: Esther Aiken

Esther has worked with marginalized youth for 25 years, and is embarking on a new path. Esther enjoys cooking, gardening, and spending time with her family. Her favourite season is spring, when the new shoots come out of the ground, and new growth begins. It gives her joy, and hope, always.

For the art auction, Esther created: The Little Chair
Esther shares her inspiration in the following,
““The Little Chair” was in my room when I was a child. It has seen many moves, kids, friends and pets. The inspiration for this redesign came from the lines in the chair, which resemble bamboo, and my two youngest children, whose birthplace is China.”

You can pre-view The Little Chair and the other art objects created for the auction at the Marianne van Silfhout Gallery at St Lawrence College April 16-20.

The CHAIR-ity LIVE auction is April 20th at 7pm.

Space is limited; get your tickets early!
Tickets available through snapd tickets online or at the door.

If you cannot attend the event, please consider purchasing a ticket as a donation to ACOTTI.

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