Fort Town Concert Association presents Portraits and Fantasias  for clarinet and piano

November 30, 2018 7:30 pm - 9:30 pm

St Andrew’s Presbyterian Church

425 Centre St., Prescott, 

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David Dias da Silva, clarinet
Olivier Hébert-Bouchard, piano

Fantasias are associated with unbounded flights of the imagination. This concert, with its theatrical elements, will allow you to explore this musical form through characters that were either described by the composers or dreamed up by the performers. Meet Eusebius and Florestan, two personifications created by Schumann to embody his own contradictions, and watch as a dreaming painter comes to life to the sound of Debussy’s music. Come and be captivated by the clear rapport within this clarinet and piano duo as their instruments shine and transform with the music and characters that inhabit it.

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