Board Minutes

Minutes of March 17, 2017 Meeting of Board of Directors


Arts Council of the Thousand Islands

Minutes of the Meeting of the

Board of Directors



Volunteer Centre Office, Strowger Blvd. (use parking lot door )

March 17, 2017



Present:  Howard Alexander, Heather Savage, Deborah Labonte, Deborah Dunleavy, Judith Quick, Harold Hess.


Regrets:   Emily Gardiner, Brodie Church

Guests:     Eleanor Newman


I           A quorum being present the chair called the meeting to order at 5:30.

II         Declaration of Conflicts of Interest. There being none the meeting proceeded. None

III.      Treasurer’s Report presented by Treasurer who moved, seconded by Heather Savage. Approved Unanimously. Draft Budget was deferred until the next meeting.

IV       Minutes of Meeting of February 17, 20017 amended to reflect Nancy Nicholson is Secretary and Not Treasurer, Moved Deborah Dunleavy and Seconded by Judith Quick. Unanimously Approved.

V        The Consent Agenda was approved the committees having previously circulated their reports except for items: moved by Judith Quick    and seconded by Deborah Labonte ; carried.

  1. a) Agenda Items
  2. b) Report None
  3. c) Website Program Committee – None
  4. d) Portal Committee -Report Attached
  5. e) Communications Committee – Report Attached
  6. f) SPARC Committee – Report Attached
  7. The Board reviewed the Draft Financial Policy role of the Treasurer. Two amendments were made to items 1 and 3. The review will continue next meeting.

VI.      Deborah Dunleavy presented the budget for the Chair ity event and the report for the Event. Directors invited to forward details of event to various organizations.  Nancy Nicholson moved and Heather Savage seconded, motion to authorize Deborah Dunleavy to execute Contracts with Artists contributing Chairs to the Event.  Moved by Deborah Dunleavy and Seconded by Nancy Nicholson that the Chair ity Report be approved.

VII.      Deborah Dunleavy reported on progress of AGM and Artist Meet and Greet.

VIII     New business

a) Awards Committee -Judith Quick and Nancy Nicholson and a visual artist will form an Awards Committee to develop criteria for an award for the June 1, 2017 AGM

b) Thank You to Eleanor Newman for attending the meeting and invitation to join the board.

IX      Adjournment


Outstanding Action

  1. Candidates for board.
  2. Awards Committee Report
  3. Nextmeeting May 28, 2017

Thursday, May 18th 7:00-9:00



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